Netheravon 25. September 2009

Back here again, desperately trying to find an FS-1 coach to get my FS-1 license done. Only did one jump today as I developed one very nasty headache and it seems this is one of the rare times I didn’t bring any painkillers along. Oh, what fun ;-) Beside that the Friday night jumps will commence soon, preparations are under way as I speak (I mean write). KPICASA_GALLERY(Netheravon)

Skydiving after 11 months

After waiting for 11 months and practically giving up on the notion of jumping out of a plane for the foreseeable future. The given opportunity came last week, Friday off and a sunny forecast. Great weekend. Managed 7 jumps the Netheravon DZ. Now all I am left to do is to get my FS1 licence as its needed in the UK for jumping in groups. Didn’t take any photos, was a bit worried would get nicked as the DZ is situated on an active military base (technically its an airfield camp).

Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 3

Ooops no more. I have received my container back this morning via FedEx. The tracking itself proves why it sometimes makes sense to switch your courier service. As I mentioned in my previous post here and here, I chose DHL to send my container to the U.S. It has a good network here in the UK and since I sent it in November there is an even closer service location right here in Haverfordwest’s WH Smith shop.

Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 2

I have now managed to send off the container to the manufacturer Aerodyne in Florida. I have just driven back from Swansea where I send off the container through a DHL ServicePoint location in the Parc Tawe Staples shop. Great service, if you ask me, as you don’t have to pay a high price to have your packed shipped and you also choose what boy its going to be sent in - the price of shipment depends on the size of the box, but with a upper weight limit.

Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 1

My recent visit to the motherland gave me the opportunity for yet another skydiving session, I joined my instructor and mentor Aleš Debeljak from the Paranoia skydiving school. All went well and on the third jump of the second day just as I exited the Cessna 206 I apparently managed to hook my rig on the side of the door which resulted in a nasty tear in my container on the reserve parachute flap.

Day 5 in Deland - back in the air again

The morning had low clouds but we hoped that they would soon lift and that we would see blue skies again - unfortunately this took much longer than first predicted as we started jumping at about 1PM. As it was a Sunday most of the skydivers wanted to make the most of the day and the DZ became very busy as there were 3 planes flying at any given time (Twin Otter, PAC 820, Skyvan or Porter), today we saw the first appearance of the Skyvan.

Skydive Sebastian

As we woke this morning we could only take a depressing glance out of the window and despair over the rubbish weather we had. It was bucketing down. We had to decide either to stay in the house, go on a (inside) sightseeing tour, or drive to a DZ that does not have bad weather. We chose on the latter and decided to go to Skydive Sebastian - a DZ located in the Florida town called Sebastian (duh) just over 2 hours drive from Deland, passing Titusville and Cape Canaveral on the way.

Day 2 at Deland

Now that I have got my reserve deployment out of the way I can get to some good and proper skydiving. Managed to get the record number of jumps for a day - 5 and I could have done at least one more but I had to arrange another rental car for our group. The picture on the left is showing our makeshift hangar - the flag has now been moved to a proper flag post close to the boarding zone - pics to follow :-)

Day 3 in Orlando

This is getting to be really tough. Last nights session started at midnight and I somewhat remember going to bed at 2am. This morning there are another three sessions, the first one on which starts at 9am. I am well and truly sore all over and hadn’t had this much physical exercise in a good few years. Most of us, who are doing RW work in the tunnel don’t have much time to do anything else.

A great tragedy

As usual some of the media outlets are taking a completely wrong ignorant spin on this genuine and sad tragedy. Slovenia lost a great pilot Viktor Bečan (a.k.a. “Som”). My sincere condolences go to his family. My hopes for a quick recovery go to the surviving co-pilot Savo Medved Photo on left featuring the “Som” made by Lubi in Novo mesto (Prečna) in June 2007. Slovenia lost a legend among skydiving planes the “Fata” - Antonov 2 from the Paranoia Skydiving school (part of the ŠOLT organization) that fulfilled the dreams of many skydivers in becoming the vessel for them to do their first skydive jumps.