Skydive London for a day

Last weekend I did what I wanted to do for a long while - to actually skydive in the UK. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, lately mostly due to the weather we have been having. Last weekend the weather was OK, no flu lingering in the background and no lameness in any of the legs :-) The Skydive London dropzone is situated about 3 hours drive away from Haverfordwest, adjacent to the town of Swindon.

Return to skydiving

After a one year sebaticle I finally got the chance to do some skydiving again. The best thing about it, besides, of course, skydiving, was that I could do it at my old home drop zone Prečna in Novo mesto in the southern part of Slovenia. The other good part was that I could jump from the old Antonov 2 (the one we use bares the nickname “Fata” and here is a picture of it in action).

Bodyflight Bedford indoor skydiving [or how to fly around a room and not having a hangover the next day]

It was a great day probably more suitable for outdoor skydiving than indoor skydiving. I set of from home early Saturday morning and arrived at Bedford five and a half hours later after stupidly ignoring my satnav and adding another hour to my already long journey. The Bodyflight facility is situated in a generally abandoned ex-military complex outside of Bedford near the A6. I heard it was used to do tests for the Concorde.