I am writing these lines many many years later in 2021 when I redesigned my website and relaised I never entered any info about the Z-Hills dropzone called Skydive City .

We have departed our lovely huse near Deland and headed our own separate ways. Some of us met tup again in a lovely DZ called Z-Hills, located just outside the town of Zephyrhills . A maze of small huts and wooden gangways. A lovely atomosphere and I kinda wished we stayed here longer. We met up with another Slovenian here who has been in the US for longer but I cannot remember his name. One thing we did bring for him was a can of Slovenian beer Laško .

Photo with a friend. Sorry, can't remember your name but I do remember we brought him a can of Slovenian lager called Laško

I even managed to get another jump in. I am pretty sure the plane we used was a Twin Otter .

Getting ready to board the Twin Otter

I'm the one at the bottom of the photo. The parachute I have is a bit of a speciality being a 7-cell canopy made by Atair