Motorcycle parking at Westfield

A useful tip if you want to park your motorcycle without venturing into the centre of London.

Westfield London (Shepherds Bush)

Every so often I do need to get to London but I have been warned by other motorcycle riders to be VERY careful when riding in the big smoke. They can quite easily pinch your bike when you are on it. Now a few years ago I found parking at the Westfield shopping centre car park very handy and relatively cheap when using a car. But did you know you could park your motorcycle there as well? Securely. Under a roof. And best of all … FREE.

The details are accurate at the time of writing in January 2024. Please forgive me if anything is incorrect or might have changed. You can find any updates and current news on Westfield’s website.

Their website states that they are at Car Park A Level -1 and Car Park B Level -3 and can be best accessed directly from the A40 and A3220. They also state that there are “over 75 motorcycle lockers available”.

To do is bring your own padlock to secure your bike at the locker.

Photo of my motorcycle in the Westfield designated parking

Photo of my motorcycle in the Westfield designated parking. Quite glad to see other motorcycles parked here.

Photo of my motorcycle in the Westfield designated parking

They give you instructions on how to secure your bike and luggage.

Photo of the locker with all my gear inside

I was able to put almost everything in there. Including my massive Givi top box.

The top boy took a little persuasion to get in there but once you learned how to “pivot” correctly (yes, Ross Geller, I remember) it goes in fine.

Locker then secured with padlocks

At the end you secure the locker and your bike with padlocks

Bring your own padlocks but make them different size as they won’t fit if they are to big

Locker then secured with padlocks
Motorcycle all secured

Motorcycle all secured

Image of the nearby elevator suite

Literally a stone's throw from one of the elevator suites

Westfield Stratford City

The situation at the Stratford City Westfield if very VERY different. You cannot access the normal carpark on motorcycle, unless you pay I guess. They have two designated areas just outside Carpak entrance B. The pne on the left is small but kinda more suitable for larger motorcycles but not secure. The one on the right is much smaller and really designed for scooters and also not secure. Neither have any barriers.

The larger parking on the left of the entrance

This was the larger of the two and suitable only for larger bikes. Not sure what you would do if this place got busy.

The much smaller parking on the right of the entrance

This was also not very busy when I was there but would be very difficult to manoeuvre a larger bike if it was busy

These two photos was taken mid November 2023 on a Wednesday evening. Just so you know.

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