About me

My name is Martin and I started this blog in about 2006. The OK Go post was my very first. It was on Google’s platform Blogger. I then migrated to Wordpress on different service providers: Bluehost, Webhosting UK and OVH. I finally broke free of Worpdress and moved to a static website platform. Hugo in this case. The CDN is hosted by Netlify, the photos are hosted on AWS S3 and the domain managed by Cloudflare. Cloudflare also takes care of DoS attacks and caching.


You might have been redirected here from my old locuming page Martin.vet Unfortunately I have been forced to stop locuming in 2020. Partly because of COVID-19, partly because of the new HMRC rules in regards to IR-35 that made being a locum financially unviable.

Partial CV