Day 12: Kibo Hut / Uhuru Peak (Day 5 of Kilimanjaro part)

Wednesday, 2 October Elevation: 4,703 m (Kibo Hut), alpine desert Today’s hike was supposed to be 5h long to the Marangu route’s basecamp at Kibo hut. Somewhere along the 11 kilometres we hiked we left the marshland and entered what could be best described as rocky desert, a lunar landscape that has been plonked down on top of an African mountain. This is also where some in the group started to feel the altitude problems.

Day 11: Horombo Huts and Mawenzi (Day 4 of Kilimanjaro part)

Tuesday, 1 October Elevation: 2,700 m (Horombo Hut) / 4310 m (Mawenzi Hut), moorland / alpine terrain A slightly different day today. Planned to be an acclimatisation day but difficult to acclimatise at 2,700 metres. Didn’t really seem high enough. None of us had any sorts of problems even at the upper end of the hike just above Zebra rocks. The interesting bit was the snow storm we hiked through.

Day 10: Horombo Hut (Day 3 of Kilimanjaro part)

Monday, 30 September Elevation: 3,720 m, moorland terrain Spirits very high we started our mountain hut routine. Woken up by one of the porter for coffee and tea and then the “wishy washy” was brought which was basically a small bucket of warm water each and some soap. This was the same in the evenings and allowed us a little bit of hygiene. This bit of “luxury” was omitted at the highest - Kibo hut.

Day 9: Mandara Hut (Day 2 of Kilimanjaro part)

Sunday, 29 September Elevation: 2,700 m, forest terrain We had a quick meeting at reception and we were given water, we also gave the 9kg luggage to the porters by putting them in special numbered green bags. I had one numbered no. 10 and it was “mine” for the rest of the trip. I would always have the same porter, his name was Jaffa and I think he also carried another hiker’s green bag.

Day 8: Marangu (Day 1 of Kilimanjaro part)

Saturday, 28 September Elevation: 1,860 m, forest terrain (Marangu gate) Leaving Mto Wan Mbu and hitting the road, dropped off a group at Arusha airport and some us at a hotel in Arusha. The rest heading towards Nairobi. Had a weird interaction with the driver who when we asked him for a toilet stop dismissed the option flat out. We were taken aback a little but he soon realised that this might not be the right course of action and stopped at a petrol station.

Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater / Mto Wa Mbu

Friday, 27 September Just woke up going to the loo only to realise there is a large herd of zebras right besides the tents. I pitched up on the outside edge of the other tents so at one point they were only a metre or so away. Today we changed vehicles and switched to 4x4 Toyota Land cruisers. We had 4 but one of them had a problem so their passengers had to get into the other three.

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater

Thursday, 26 September Another interesting night in regards to the local wildlife but this time we knew what to expect. Again hienas trashed our rubbish bins, one of or fellow hikers got kinda chased round the toilet block by a hiena. It might have happened slightly differently but this is how I’m serving it and I suggest you believe it. ­čśë Also the lion roars and zebras giving out weird sounds were the repeat repertoire.

Day 4: Serengeti National Park

Tuesday, 24 September Still being under the impression of the stunning sunset over lake Victoria the night before, we started again with an early breakfast and a couple of quick stops in town to get more supplies. We also managed to source some ice that we put in a chiller box with all our beers. The road took us slightly south towards Seronera. We then made a right into the western entrance to the Serengeti national park.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park

Wednesday, 25 September What a night! Sleeping in the tent and surrounded by sounds of the Serengeti wildlife. At one point I had a zebra come right close to the tent. It must have been just 10 feet or so away. Then the there was a constant vocalising of the hienas who actually had a field day on the bin belonging to the other group that was in the same campsite.

Day 3: Lake Victoria

Monday, 23 September Had some technical problems with the truck last night. Just as we were getting to the resort there was a loud bang under the truck and seems it was some sort of suspension issue. They had parts in Nairobi that two guys had to get to us and the only way was by road. They were working on the repairs most of the night. Got the truck sorted out but we were about 1.