Health and medicine

My latest cat bite

Not that I think I will be slowly morphing into a human-feline mutant but I was surprised how badly I responded to a recent cat bite I sustained during my locuming in in a small animal practice in Blackpool. Since I graduated from the vet school in 1998 I have had a few bites and lots of scratches from my dearest feline friends but I have never had to seek medical help before.

Fighting tinnitus and the Ménière syndrome

Defined by the British tinnitus association as a ringing, whistling, buzzing and humming in the ears and/or head without any external source it has been a bit of an ailment for me for over a year now. It all started a few years back when I started to get presumably viral related Ménière syndrome attacks. They appeared about once or twice a year and got worse towards the end - the last one “flattened” me for about 12h with a few days recovery after that.