Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 2

I have now managed to send off the container to the manufacturer Aerodyne in Florida. I have just driven back from Swansea where I send off the container through a DHL ServicePoint location in the Parc Tawe Staples shop. Great service, if you ask me, as you don’t have to pay a high price to have your packed shipped and you also choose what boy its going to be sent in - the price of shipment depends on the size of the box, but with a upper weight limit. I sent in a large box which has an upper weight limit of 5kg - even though my container weighed only 3.5 kg. There are currently about 750 ServicePoint locations in the UK.

When the lady in Staples was helping me pack I kept on thinking that I am forgetting to post something, but I could not put my finger on exactly what. Considering I still had an disassembled container this morning I had to move fast so I unintentionally forgot to send the Aerodyne form that should be in the DHL package.

What can I say, ooops for the second time?