Skydive Sebastian

As we woke this morning we could only take a depressing glance out of the window and despair over the rubbish weather we had. It was bucketing down. We had to decide either to stay in the house, go on a (inside) sightseeing tour, or drive to a DZ that does not have bad weather. We chose on the latter and decided to go to Skydive Sebastian - a DZ located in the Florida town called Sebastian (duh) just over 2 hours drive from Deland, passing Titusville and Cape Canaveral on the way.

Sign at the DZ bar

When we arrived there the weather was great but very hot and humid, this place would probably resemble the gates of hell during summer :-)

The winds were picking up and we got a warning from the DZ staff that the landing might be a bit risky, above all we wanted to do an 8-way. Well we did try and we managed to get a 6-way in the end. The landing for me was actually quite good, it was just immediately after the landing I had problems with. After landing uncomfortably close to the airfield’s barbed wire I apparently managed to do that on one of the rare mud patches. As I could not kill the chute straight away I got dragged through the above mentioned mud with a nice effect visible on my jump suit. Most of us did not land where we should have and some of the 6-way members even landed on the neighbouring golf course. The DZ staff came to pick us all up :-) Needless to say that was the last jump of the day as there was a weather hold for the rest of the day. There was an approaching storm coming from the north - most probably the same one we wanted to avoid in Deland.

After the jump we made a quick visit to Wal-Mart and then to the local sandy beach in the town of Orchid. Here is a snapshot from there…