Day 2 at Deland

Now that I have got my reserve deployment out of the way I can get to some good and proper skydiving. Managed to get the record number of jumps for a day - 5 and I could have done at least one more but I had to arrange another rental car for our group.

The picture on the left is showing our makeshift hangar - the flag has now been moved to a proper flag post close to the boarding zone - pics to follow :-)

I was probably writing this blog page for all I know

I have been having some problems with my landings and I was planning to do a canopy control course in Deland, but the instructors have not appeared to be very interested so I was lucky to have my old instructor from my home DZ in Prečna here - Aleš Debeljak. He gave me some simple live guidances during my landing and they went great. I was apparently flaring to late and that made my landing quite sore - especially on the knees.

I would also recommend to have you rigged packed by one of the riggers here - it makes jumping much more enjoyable and you can get more jumps in than usual. It is also very good if you have a new parachute that does not like to be packed very much.

The weather was not as nice as previous days so some of the lifts were at a lower altitude than 4.000 m. If this happens - tough, no money back at all.

Tomorrow looks like a bad day for jumping, there is some chance of showers and it will probably be overcast if not completely cloudy.