The little wifi that thinks big

I don’t usually write reviews here but this little gadget I have recently laid my hands on deserves it without any hesitation. My work makes me travel a lot and I stay in places that don’t have wifi access. Last year I bought a very capable and versatile Cisco/Linksys router E4200 but the problem is it is rather bulky. Not really made easy to travel around with. But recently, completely by chance, I came across this little fella from TP-Link with the technical name TL-WR702N.

My GMail account hacked by

Unfortunately my GMail account martin [dot] mcdowell got somehow hacked today and someone (or something) in China sent a spam message to all my 119 e-mail contacts in my address book at 15.35 this afternoon. The IP address the hack originated from was and is assigned to the Chinese ISP CNC Group CHINA169. It looks like there was a Google-wide attack as their systems crashed. There are several reports of hacked accounts on Google forums.

Extortionate price of fixing an Olympus u700 compact camera

Just had a nasty surprise about my Olympus µ700 compact camera I bought 3 years ago from Pixmania and cost me about** £164**. Last year it started to bleach/overexpose all outdoor photos. Defaulting to factory settings did not work. I finally called the Olympus UK support line this morning and they told me that for that model they charge **£90.77!!! **to repair any kind of fault. Does not make any sense at all.

Google StreetView hits Pembrokeshire

[caption id=“attachment_1558” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”] Taken from Google StreetView[/caption] Google StreetView’s coverage has been extended to about 90% of the country and that now includes Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire. The images are pretty high quality. I have heard there is a bit of an anomaly with the High Street in Pembroke Dock as part of it was filmed in once season and the other part in another, with Christmas decorations still visible.