Kilimanjaro 2019

Day 2: Kisii

Sunday, September 22nd Started the day really early. I think I set my alarm to 4:15am. Which is basically 2:15am on my internal British clock. We had some breakfast in the hotel and packed our stuff in the bus, which is actually a modified truck. We headed out of Nairobi and towards Kisii. It’s a long drive. About 8 to 9h as the itinerary warned but we did stop a few times which helped break up the otherwise arduous journey quite a bit.

Day 1: Nairobi

Saturday, September 21st Started the day in the skies above Africa. A long 8.5h flight to Nairobi from London. Not a wink of sleep. Clearing immigration was actually a breeze with the E-Visa which is basically a visa you get online before you travel. However it’s still quite weird they take your photo and fingerprints from BOTH hands. I had a private transfer from the airport to the hotel courtesy of the company that is organising the trip - Intrepid.


So the plan is to go by car to Heathrow T4, catch a light to Nairobi, Kenya. I am supposed to get a shuttle from the airport from the airport to a hotel in downtown Nairobi. The group I am travelling with have a meeting the following day in the same hotel. The day after we get on a private bus aka “safari truck” and go towards Kisii. We are supposed to arrive there about 9h later!

Travel vaccinations

One of the matters you need to address when traveling to many countries in Africa are health orientated. The company Intrepid who I am using for the trip does mention this n their travel advice and probably the best place to go for more advice is your GP or a travel vaccination centre. There are a couple of very good websites that will help with that. and There are quite a few diseases that are mentioned for my trip that includes two countries: Kenya and Tanzania so I need to be covered for both.

Mt. Viševnik, 2,050m

An old favourite. Have been up it only twice before as far as I can remember. The last time it was a scorching hot summers day and this is also when I learned about dogs and how peculiar they can be be. I took our family dog with me and to make sure we were both hydrated I took a bottle of water for her and a bottle of flavoured water for me.

Puncture prevented further training

I had a bit of an eventful day today. Set of to hike up Pen y fan, had to find a way out of town as there were was a road closure and ended up going a way I don’t usually use. Somewhere on that trip I must have ridden over something sharp. By the time I got to Leominster about 20 minutes away I felt the bike being unstable. Turns out I had a rear tyre puncture.

Time for new boots

I had to bite the bullet and try finding some good boots that will last me for the training I have to do plus be suitable for the Kilimanjaro trip, so hot savannah and ice cold Uhuru peak. I knew I was going to need some help and I was dreading having to go to one of the big corps and one of their outlets. I needed some proper help.

The full Malverns, up and down

I finally made it. Hiked all the way up the Malverns and then back again. A total of about 30 km in 6 hours, 45 minutes. Doing these distances does help build up the stamina for the uphill parts of the Kilimanjaro route. However should not neglect the final day when we will descend the mountain where we will do about 20 km which should take us 5-6 hours. However am taking quite a beating on my feet, something not completely right with my old hiking boots, a pair of Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX.

Another training day

A glorious sunny Saturday on the May Bank holiday weekend. This time I started at the southern end at Chase End and worked my way north. Was able to reach Upper Wyche. Still have not reached the goal of doing the whole Malvern Hills up and down (or the other way for that matter). The hills especially round the southern part of the Malverns were covered in violet, all down to the abundance of bluebells.