Day 2: Kisii

Sunday, September 22nd

Started the day really early. I think I set my alarm to 4:15am. Which is basically 2:15am on my internal British clock. We had some breakfast in the hotel and packed our stuff in the bus, which is actually a modified truck.

A brief pit stop

We headed out of Nairobi and towards Kisii. It’s a long drive. About 8 to 9h as the itinerary warned but we did stop a few times which helped break up the otherwise arduous journey quite a bit. The highlight was a stopover for lunch on this small farm in a very green part of Kenya. We were greeted by a very friendly lady. The food was delicious but I still couldn’t avoid the dreaded capsicums aka peppers in some of the dishes. There was also a very interesting side dish she made that consisted of beetroot, cucumber and chilli.

We had a lovely lunch at a farm

We continued towards Kisii and passing through some towns on the way only to end up in this beautiful resort about 20km out of Kisii. We were divided into 4 groups and then each group had a different task each night from loading/unloading the truck, cleaning the truck, cooking and cleaning the dishes.

Tomorrow we head towards Isebania, the border town where we cross over to Tanzania.

There is also quite a bit of debate about currencies. Most of us came to Kenya with USD but then some shops will accept them, some only Kenyan shilling. Then in Tanzania it gets complicated as the might not accept Kenyan currency and vice versa as there are some bilateral arguments going on between the two countries. Then there is an added complication with cards as some need to get USD from ATMs but you need a Visa card for that, some ATMs here won’t even accept MasterCard. Very complicated.