Day 4: Serengeti National Park

Tuesday, 24 September

Still being under the impression of the stunning sunset over lake Victoria the night before, we started again with an early breakfast and a couple of quick stops in town to get more supplies. We also managed to source some ice that we put in a chiller box with all our beers.

The road took us slightly south towards Seronera. We then made a right into the western entrance to the Serengeti national park. Straight away, and mean literally within the first few minutes we elephants, soon after all wildlife that you would expect like giraffes, wilder beasts (need to check spelling on that), various antelopes and even hippopotami. Awesome.

No cats yet but that would have been to much. We were late getting into camp so we hurried along until we came to the place where we would spend two nights.

Here came the interesting bit. We were camping completely in the open. Basically we were sleeping, in tents, inside a big giant zoo. No barriers, no protection. No people with guns either. In fact just before tea we had a giraffe right outside the campsite and after we were getting ready to get into our tents I quickly shone my torch into the distance only to see several eyes glaring back at me. Don’t know what animal it was, wasn’t going to investigate either.

Night, night. 😲