So the plan is to go by car to Heathrow T4, catch a light to Nairobi, Kenya. I am supposed to get a shuttle from the airport from the airport to a hotel in downtown Nairobi. The group I am travelling with have a meeting the following day in the same hotel.

The day after we get on a private bus aka “safari truck” and go towards Kisii . We are supposed to arrive there about 9h later!!

After Kisii we cross the border to Tanzania and arrive at Lake Victoria. The next two days we are in the Serengeti national park . Now the fun thing in Serengeti will be the overnight camping as apparently there will no barrier between us and the wildlife. Yep. Okidoki.
In the past it has not been uncommon for buffalo and hyenas wandering into the campsite.

The next stop is the Ngorongoro crater .


Then comes the hard bit as we approach the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in a town called Marangu. This is the last time we see any degree of creature comforts in a form of a hotel and wifi.

Its a 5 day hike up to Uhuru peak stopping overnight at various huts. Not sure what to expect but my only experience of mountain huts have been on my 2001 hike up Mt Triglav in Slovenia where I staid in Dom Planika and Koča pri Triglavskih sedmerih jezerih.

Image: Ultimate Kilimanjaro
Image: Ultimate Kilimanjaro

The route above is from another company but I think our plan is the same.

The last day we return back in one big downward 20 kilometre hike to Marangu and and a well deserved hot shower.

Early the next morning I have to be back on the orad as I have a 6am flight from Kilimanjaro int’l airport to Nairobi and then 2 hours later a flight back to London, Heathrow. It will be weird waking up next to Mt Kilimanjaro and being back in Bromyard that evening.