Day 3: Lake Victoria

Monday, 23 September

Had some technical problems with the truck last night. Just as we were getting to the resort there was a loud bang under the truck and seems it was some sort of suspension issue. They had parts in Nairobi that two guys had to get to us and the only way was by road. They were working on the repairs most of the night.

Got the truck sorted out but we were about 1.5h late to get in the road. Stopped at a soapstone shop and later experienced a border crossing into Tanzania. I swear these guys must have had lessons from Yugoslavian border control as they have the same attitude and bureaucracy. Plus you have to pay $50 for the visa.

Our sleepover place was at lake Victoria which is so huge you cannot see to the other side. It looks more like the sea side with the sound of waves crashing against the sandy beach. Awesome. Unfortunately not advisable to swim in it as apparently there are nasties in the form of parasites that don’t do you any good.

The staff are really excellent and help us feel safe and taken care off even though a few of the tasks are delegated to us like preparing food and washing up the dishes.

Tomorrow we head towards the Serengeti to see some awesome wildlife.

Sunset over Lake Victoria while in the town of Musoma