London visit - day 4 of 4

[caption id=“attachment_1453” align=“aligncenter” width=“720”] A shark in the big tank in the London Aquarium[/caption] Not feeling very well in the morning of the last day, this cold has been getting the better of me and running around London does not help it getting any better. Drugging-up with anti-inflammatories not helped either. [caption id=“attachment_1454” align=“alignright” width=“225”] The London Eye - close to the top[/caption] First port of call was the London eye I booked the previous day on-line.

London visit - day 3 of 4

[caption id=“attachment_1450” align=“aligncenter” width=“640”] The Cabinet War Rooms[/caption] I started the day a bit more relaxing by taking a slow breakfast at the local Starbucks at London Bridge station opposite Guy’s Hospital. A friend told me I had to try the frappucino and their panninis. The guy at the counter asked me twice if I was sure about the frappucino? It is apparently and ice-cold drink and it was the middle of December plus I was bearing a very deep and cold-ridden voice so I wisely opted for a warmer beverage - in this case for a mocha.

London visit - day 2 of 4

After only sleeping a few hours as I only went to bed at 4 am as a consequence from the previous night’s walkabout London I had a Fat Tyre bike tour planned for the Saturday morning. The tour takes place on bicycles you get from the tour company and it starts at 11am just outside the Queensway underground station. Its a great way to see the city as you can see different parts of it without walking large distances.

London visit - day 1 of 4

I soon realised my satnav is going to make me drive down the M4 right into the centre of London - no ifs or butts. Wasn’t that bad really, all I had to do is to imagine I was driving downtown Ljubljana - just on a much bigger scale. And it really went very well except at the very end one of the roads was closed and I had to make up a detour on my own - only to get myself even more stuck into the dreaded London rush-hour traffic jams.