London visit - day 3 of 4

Cabinet War Rooms

The Cabinet War Rooms

I started the day a bit more relaxing by taking a slow breakfast at the local Starbucks at London Bridge station opposite Guy’s Hospital. A friend told me I had to try the frappucino and their panninis. The guy at the counter asked me twice if I was sure about the frappucino? It is apparently and ice-cold drink and it was the middle of December plus I was bearing a very deep and cold-ridden voice so I wisely opted for a warmer beverage - in this case for a mocha.

After that I hit the museums - the Natural history museum was the first. It is housed in a spectacular old building but I quickly got tired of all the crowds and annoying kids. I also got tired of all the dead animals - I remember looking at the stuffed brown bear display thinking - I could see a live one in many countries in Europe.Quite spectacular war the dinosaur skeletons and the robotic T-rex. I was professionally interested in the bones of an Iguanodon that was showing signs of osteoarthritis - a common degenerative disease I see in my patients today. Also there was a display showing an old fracture of the pelvic bone that healed with secondary intention.

The guide from the Fat Tyre bike tour recommended a visit to the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms so that was my second stop. If I understood correctly after the 2nd World War finished in 1945 they simply turned off the lights and locked the doors and left the place untouched until the eighties. Again, as far as I understand, they then just dusted the place, puts some mannequins in to make the whole thing a bit more realistic and opened it to the public. The whole place has that very authentic feel to it. There were also very few people there and the tour was absolutely great - I strongly recommend it. You also get to see a VERY comprehensive Churchill museum. Don’t miss the Churchill’s history timeline and make sure to remember some of his quotes. They make a good joke.

After that I went for a quick drink at the local heavy metal bar called the Intrepid Fox in Soho and after that for an authentic chinese takeway in, where else, Chinatown.

Still bearing the cold at the time I was absolutely exhausted. Time out!