Return to skydiving

After a one year sebaticle I finally got the chance to do some skydiving again. The best thing about it, besides, of course, skydiving, was that I could do it at my old home drop zone Prečna in Novo mesto in the southern part of Slovenia. The other good part was that I could jump from the old Antonov 2 (the one we use bares the nickname “Fata”. I did my first student jumps from it two years ago. Over this weekend I did 8 jumps in all: one from 2,000 m, one from 3,000 m, one from 1,500 m and five from 1,200m. The extra stressing part about this was that I was using my new parachute and rig that I have not used before. I kindly asked my instructor Jaks to give it the first try and see how it performed. My first plan was to jump with a student rig but as Jaks gave my new rig the all clear I jumped it straight away. My mother recently got her new parachute PD Pilot and found it was quite unstable on opening and was also very difficult to land. That was also why I felt caution would be a great idea. Luckily my Atair Dragon 170 behaved much better.