Trek: Day 9 of 11

Bamboo to Jhinu Danda

Hike start: Bamboo (2.335 m)
Hike end: Jhinu Danda (1.780 m) via Hot Springs
Length: 12.5 km
Ascent: 620 m
Descent: 1,180 m

Uneventful hike. We all just wanted to get down as soon as possible. We had lunch in Chomrong, same place where we stayed on the way up. However as we were there it started to rain. At first we thought we would wait it out but the further we waited the more we saw this is not going to end so we decided to push on in the rain. Luckily the rain didn’t last and that was the first and last time I used my waterproofs on the trip. At least I can say didn’t bring them in vain.

Stayed at a place called Jhinu Danda (Guring cottage) which is near an intersection of three valleys. The one thing we were looking forward to see was the Jhinu Danda hot springs.

Intrigued what this is going to be like, longing for some method to relax our aching muscles we headed downhill in our flipflops. Soon realising the path was a) to long and b) to steep for that kind of footwear. After a while we got to the ticket office which was basically a few wonky boards nailed together. We naively thought the springs were just round the corner. Oh noooo. We went down, and down, and down further on an uneven forest trail. After what felt like an eternity we finally ended up at the springs which had 4 separate small pools next to the river. There we some changing facilities but were quite basic, completely dark and a but dirty so I decided to just change outside.

I’m not going to liw but laying in the warm water was oh so lovely. Not sure if it was the trip down, even less the trip up. Which, by the way, we did in complete darkness and we didn’t have torches with us. Luckily some of the porters that joined us had their phones with them so we used their torches. As I didn’t take my phone with me I didn’t take nay photos. There was an elderly guy there, probably Nepalese that seemed to meticulously film random people at the pool. Very creepy. But 0 shits given at that time.

Once we got back was the standard dinner and off to bed.

About the poor horse

Wasn’t sure whether to write about this but this is where one of the lowlights of tre trek happened. As we were going down the trail a few horses carrying supplies came the other way. As they passed me I suddenly hears a loud and high-pitched bang. It came from behind me. And just as i turned I saw how the guy in charge of the horses was violently hitting one of the horses round its hind right leg. The poor horse shrieked and then it was all over. I was just in shock as were the rest of us. We discussed it later when we arrived in Jhinu. I did npt have friendly thoughts about that guy and if he carried on with his violence I am sure I would be returning the favour. With interest which would probably result in a minor UK-Nepal diplomatic brawl.

The lodge where we stayed in Jhinu Danda