London visit 2010 – day 6 of 6

Tuesday. Almost not worth mentioning as I was going to go back home to Haverfordwest . The train from Paddington was strikingly fast and it looked like we were in Bristol in no time. It feels like ages when driving.

However I was supposed to change trains in Newport, Gwent and they have done some modifications to the station and platform assignments meaning I had to cross to the other side using lots of steps to reach the footbridge. That made me miss my connection to Pembrokeshire . Grrrr. Writing these lines as I am bored and sitting in a quiet refreshment bar on the platform waiting for two hours for the next train home. Apologies to all Newport fans, if you exist, but your station looks mighty grim and not a wireless connection in site to kill some time updating ‘ruddy’ Facebook or go on Google Docs . I don’t think Google ’s Chrome OS would be very useful here – you tech guys know why.

Have been writing bout this London trip while waiting for the train home, still in Newport, getting bored now. Really bored. Think I might have to go to the loo to kill some time. Grrr.

PS. did end up in Haverfordwest OK but very late. A least the system of request train stops worked Ok so didn’t have to get a taxi from Milford Haven.