The trip to Wales (Germany)

I watched a documentary on one of the satellite channels a while ago about the might of the Germany autobahns and well they are constructed. I even remember how good they were the last time I used them on the trip to Scotland in 1999. This time, however, it was obvious, that they can be quite bad. After Munich the motorway took me towards Stuttgart and road was really bad: no breakdown lane, the speed limit was only 120 km/h or less and close to Stuttgart there was one work site after the other so most of that part was driven on a contraflow. Once you enter Germany you instantly see a big change in traffic. In Austria everybody drives much slower, they even had a 100 km/h speed limit just for the sake of cleaner air (if my German did not fail me and I read the sign correctly). At the border itself you even have to drive a ridiculous 80 km/h. Not so in Germany, the road apparently had no speed limits – as is the case for all German “autobahns” except of course the one bloody bit between Munich and Stuttgart I mentioned earlier.