The trip to Wales (from the The Netherlands to the Channel tunnel)

The trip got a bit boring after that, I knew the German part was ending soon as I passed Aachen. The Dutch part was completely uneventful, but I did get some pictures on a lay-by of absolutely nothing interesting.

After that came Belgium and Brussels with it. I heard of people missing the circular road round Brussels and I nearly missed it using the sat-nav. The drivers around Brussels are just about ready for being committed. I was actually worried, much more than I was on the German roads. And one thing I noticed from the trip in 1999. Belgium smells, quite badly, in fact. Those of you who don’t know why I can tell you its because of the many pig farms they have there that give Belgium a much non-chocolate kind of aroma. I hardly realized that I was in France – the language was the same, it just had different road signs. The Calais channel tunnel terminal was pretty straight forward, as I have already paid for the ticket on-line I only had to stick the credit card I paid it with, in the machine, and it printed out the ticket. Then there was a parking lot that had displays that told you to proceed toward the train. Each train trip was marked with a letter, mine was “N”. So you do you passport controls, and a check of the ticket and you get in a queue. After that you get on the train and that is it. The trip took only 35 minutes and it just takes you long enough to shut your eyes for a while and get some rest.