The trip to Wales (the UK)

I reserved a hotel in Ashford and it took me less than half an hour to get there from Folkstone – the UK side of the Channel tunnel. It was 1 o’clock in the morning CET :-( I was a bit worried leaving all my stuff in the car on an unsecured parking lot and at about 4.30 in the morning I got a scare as I woke up and heard a car alarm. After quickly putting on some clothes and rushing down to the parking lot I realized it was a different car parked somewhere far away.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful and boring all the way to Wales. I arrived in Haverfordwest at about 15.00 GMT.

This was the house I arrived in. Its called Bryn Illtyd and is located in a very small village of Hill mountain, about 10 km out of Haverfordwest .