Bike trip to Slovenia 2022

Bike trip to Slovenia 2022

Met with the end of the UK drought with a BANG!

Herefordshire to Slovenia UK to Slovenia, Day 1 of 2 Had a similar plan to last year’s bike trip but this time consolidates both ways into 2 day riding each way. My first worry was what was going to happen in Folkestone. Not two weeks before there were severe delays in the area and drivers were queuing for hours on end to get to the Eurotunnel port. Thankfully they seemed to have sorted out the issues and there was only a slight delay at passport control.
Bike trip to Slovenia 2021

Bike trip to Slovenia 2021

My first motorcycle trip abroad!

Had been to Slovenia many many times since I moved to the UK aback in 2007 but mostly flying and mostly with easyJet. Drove here and back once in those years and that was only to do the inital move and then drive the car back as it was a Slovenian reg and a LH drive which didn’t make sense plus made the insurance a bit tricky. Due to all the COVID issues I decided to try my first biking trip to it.

The Savica falls and Lake Bohinj

This is an old favourite of mine and apparently for many Brits as well as during my short visit there saw countless UK reg cars on the roads. The Savica waterfall is part of the Sava Bohinjka river which is joined by the Sava Dolinka near Radovljica to form the Sava river . That in turns flows into the Danube at Belgrade which discharges into the Black Sea. The 71-metre waterfall is fed by the Triglav Lakes and flows into the Bohinj lake .

Trekking the hills of Snowdon

Mt Snowdon Ever since I moved to Wales 2 years ago I had a quiet wish to climb the highest peak in this country - Snowdon. Last weekend was showing to be a perfect opportunity to fulfil that wish. I was working only till 12 pm and the forecast was for sunshine and high temperatures stretching way into the following week. Getting some good literature , so you know what your are doing, is very advisable.

Great Treffgarne Mountain

This walk seemed the muddiest of them all, in fact I am wandering how exactly to wash my walking shoes and the washing machine is getting to be the favourite. This is the walk no. 32 and can easily be combined with no. 33 (Treffgarne Gorge) as they both start from the same point. That was actually my plan but my walking shoes got filled with lots of lovely mud hindering any furter hikes that day.

No smoking, please

I see that Slovenia is quite behind the smoking ban that is in the process of being inforced across the EU. I arrived in Wales on the 7th of April 2007 and that was the weekend, when the ban started here . There was no big deal, however we will see what will happen in a few months time when the temperature drops. The ban was enforced just before the summer and it was followed by a very warm period.