Trekking the hills of Snowdon

Ever since I moved to Wales 2 years ago I had a quiet wish to climb the highest peak in this country - Snowdon. Last weekend was showing to be a perfect opportunity to fulfil that wish. I was working only till 12 pm and the forecast was for sunshine and high temperatures stretching way into the following week. Getting some good literature, so you know what your are doing, is very advisable.

Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 3

Ooops no more. I have received my container back this morning via FedEx. The tracking itself proves why it sometimes makes sense to switch your courier service. As I mentioned in my previous post here and here, I chose DHL to send my container to the U.S. It has a good network here in the UK and since I sent it in November there is an even closer service location right here in Haverfordwest’s WH Smith shop.


[caption id=“attachment_656” align=“aligncenter” width=“800”] Tenby harbour with the Quay on left, lifeboat station above it, Castle Hill in the centre top[/caption] I have put it off for a long time but a sightee-er to Tenby was well due. The town of Tenby lies on the south Pembrokeshire coast and if leaving from Haverfordwest can take the road across the Cledau bridge or you can, by saving the 75p bridge toll and, depriving the Pembrokeshire County Council :-), go through Canaston Bridge.

Skydive London for a day

Last weekend I did what I wanted to do for a long while - to actually skydive in the UK. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, lately mostly due to the weather we have been having. Last weekend the weather was OK, no flu lingering in the background and no lameness in any of the legs :-) The Skydive London dropzone is situated about 3 hours drive away from Haverfordwest, adjacent to the town of Swindon.

Končno, selitev

Razmere v hiši, kjer živim trenutno, so bile malo preveč »zanimive« in še ponavljajoči se kiksi lastnika (landlorda) so mi šli že pošteno na živce. V lokalnem časopisu sem že nekaj tednov iskal morebitno novo lokacijo in si jih tudi nekaj ogledal. Na koncu pa mi je bilo še najbolj všeč stanovanje v čisto novi hiši nedaleč od kraja, kjer trenutno živim. Ponujeno mi je bilo ali stanovanje v pritličju ali stanovanje v 1.