London visit 2010 – day 4 of 6

BT Tower captured from Oxford Street

Sunday. Nothing much planned for this day. Did do some shopping but came to Oxford street to early – nobody told me they opened the shops at twelve so I spent some hard earned money at a well-know American coffee franchise called Stardollars or something. The best was left for last as I went to the Natural History Museum and put on a pair of skates after about 17 or 18 years and didn’t fall once. I am however still removing the wood from underneath my nails. Now I am against self-harm as much as the next guy, but it was so much fun and I would urge anyone to try it at least once. Good place to chat up girls, by the way, as you can rush to the saviour if any of them falls down. Just mind you don’t accidentally chop their fingers off on approach. They kind of don’t like that very much and would spoil your chances of a pull – just a tad.

Also bear in mind the whole operation could make yourself look as a complete idiot if you fall yourself trying to help the girl up. This, of course, is not speaking from my own experience [smiley face comes here]. The other snafu was that most of the people skating there were couples.