Reserve parachute and AAD

Now it seem to be all happening. I received the PD reserve 160 and the Cypres 2 Expert 1-pin AAD last week. I would expect the Cypres to come in a nice packet, which it did, but I didn’t have a clue how the parachute would be packed. Well, it literally came “as is”. I put it in a bag myself so it wouldn’t get stained or damaged - not that a plastic bag is any real protection.

The reserve parachute is made by a company called Performance Designs based in DeLandand, Florida, US and the Cypres AAD by a German company Airtec GmbH based in Bad Wünnenberg in Germany. I hope I never have to use them both actively, but its good to know they are new and hopefully in good working order. Now all I have to wait for is the main parachute from Škofja Loka and I am set to hand everything over to a rigger so he/she can put it all together.

The last piece of equipment is an audible altimeter + a jump data tracker in one. It is made by a Danish compancy Larsen & Brusgaard and the instrument is called ProTrack.