Johnston 2 Ljubljana = 2,080 km

Started off from a sunny Johnston on Sunday at about 11.25 am and arrived in Ljubljana early this morning at about 1 am. The trip took me all through Pembrokeshire and the south of Wales, crossing the second Severn bridge to England while on the M4 , getting to London and then down to Folkestone in Kent to pick up the Channel tunnel train to Calais where I slept over in the Coquelles Holiday Inn. After that came a very rainy morning driving through the north part of France, then Belgium, where I got diverted by the SatNav due to heavy traffic, so I had to go through Antwerp. There was just a small bit of the Netherlands we had to drive through before entering the mighty Germany and before you get politically on me I meant the size of the country. It just never ended. By the time I left it it was dark. The second congestion was near Mainz which was avoided, again with the help of my friendly SatNav. The worst part came just before leaving Germany between Munich and Salzburg. There was a very, very long queue where approx. an hour was wasted and just because a lorry broke down on the part of the road that doesn’t have a break down lane.

Austria was uneventful and, as usual, filled with many grotesque speed restrictions. I hoped I could make up the time in Slovenia but was met with quite thick fog which hampered any plans for a speedier trip to Ljubljana.