The London trip 2006 (days 4 and 5)

These two days were mainly spent doing other stuff, but one of the things, that ended to be taking up quite a bit of my time was the search for the sodden curry powder. You know when you go abroad and you sometimes get a list of things to buy. I had Sharwoods mild curry powder on this one (among other things) and unlike a few years ago, when it was quite easy to find it in Tesco, this time it proved to be mission impossible. Went to all the big supermarkets - nothing. I even got desperate enough I went to Sharwoods website and called them as well. The shop that supposed to stock it turned out not to have them at all. By this time I was thinking, why on earth is this curry powder so important to me. But a mission was a mission and I pressed on. I even ended up running from shop to shop in the rain in the red light district of Southampton and trying to explain to little Pakistani women who could not speak very good English, what a Sharwoods curry powder really is. Mind you, no self respecting Asian would ever date to stick a curry in his mouth that was made from a ready prepared curry powder.