The London trip 2006 (day 3)

Finally, I had much less to do today, unless you include driving - most of it on the M11, M25 and M3, M27 motorway (in that order). And the weather improved so I got to see that rarely seen English sunshine. I never stop being surprised on the size of the road and the chaotic sense of the M25. Cars keep on coming up to you from all directions and it is no place to be thinking of how last years boogie in Maribor went as you may find you are suddenly united by at least one car who’s driver was probably thinking about tonight’s supper.

I did have one appointment that day, I had to see the boss of the veterinary clinic in Portsmouth. Now the story here is, that I have some kind of plan to move to the UK next year and re-invent myself as a small animal vet, but as I have been outside the profession for 6 years I was told I might have to volunteer for up to 3 to 6 months. On the plane, I live on, this is a bit difficult as every time I go to the shop they still insist on me paying with something called money. And the funny thing is, the same happens at the petrol station. So unless I get a fabulous extra job for an hour a day that pays as much as a full time job or if I find out I have some, till know unknown wealth relatives, I have a little problem. I will, of course, try to get myself fully employed straight away, but that may have to do with another planet all-together.