Trips and outings

Slovenia, December 2018

Some more musically inspired Christmas decorations on Levstik square The 'flancat' pastry and hot sweet herbal tea People in the UK won't really know about the sport performed here

Tŷ Canol nature reserve, Pentre Ifan and the original site of the Stonehenge bluestones

Haven’t been on this little gem for a few years now. Some parts can be quite muddy but everything is repaid with the views of the enchanted forest that is the Tŷ Canol nature reserve. So amazing. The photos don’t do it justice. This walk was a modification of the Pentre Ifan walk from circular Pembrokeshire walks book by Dennis and Jan Kelsall. Only this time I extended it from the Pentre Ifan burial chamber towards the now confirmed site where the Stonehenge bluestones were sourced from.

Bohinj still rocks in the winter

An all time favourite hiking destination. Church of St. John the Baptist in Ribčev Laz - Click to enlarge Vrh nad Želimljami Vrh nad Želimljami View of Triglav from my easyJet flight back to London Stansted

Ladyclough woods, Ashop valley and Stanage Edge

A nice little tour of the Peak District. Ashop valley Ladyclough woods Ladyclough woods Ladyclough woods Ladyclough woods Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Ashop valley Stanage Edge View from Stanage Edge View south from Mam tor Edale valley

Uber blunder in Essex

Bit the bullet and ordered my first Uber ride in November 2014 when I was in London. It went very well but it was for a very short trip. The second one was in April 2015 and it was from stansted airport to a nearby b&b about 15 minutes away. I loved the fact that you know beforehand who will be picking you up, what the reg number of the car is and where the car is on a map.

Luggage FUBAR riding a motorcycle

Had a great trip to the Algarve recently and rented a Honda Shadow motorcycle for a week. On one of the last few days of my stay there I planned a trip to the south-western tip of Portugal - Cabo de São Vicente and Sagres. However all did not go well from my start in Albufeira. As I knew I was going to be on the road for at least an hour, perhaps 1.

Winter warmth by croud sourcing

One thing to note to anyone attempting to hike up the Snežnik mountain is that the place is quite remote. If you set off from Ljubljana the road takes you past Postojna and towards Croatia and you then have to drive on a gravel road for quite some time to get to the Sviščaki village. From there the route takes you through a beautiful bear country forest. About half an hour or so from the summit I walked onto this clearing where there was a lot of chopped wood.