Trekking the hills of Snowdon

Ever since I moved to Wales 2 years ago I had a quiet wish to climb the highest peak in this country - Snowdon. Last weekend was showing to be a perfect opportunity to fulfil that wish. I was working only till 12 pm and the forecast was for sunshine and high temperatures stretching way into the following week. Getting some good literature, so you know what your are doing, is very advisable.

A six hour Tour de Struble Head

This was the longest of the walks in the book and a walk not to be reckoned with. It is long and by the end you just really want to see that lighthouse in the distance. The authors say in the beginning of the walk »Although the longest of the walks in this book, there is nothing difficult about its undertaking« - Yeah right, either they (both authors) came home from this walk and their egos were to big to admit the agonizing pain in their muscles or they had themselves a post-hike LSD trip.

Schmap-ing me

[caption id=“attachment_639” align=“aligncenter” width=“500”] The photo of Bristol Cathedral chosen for the fifth edition of the Schmap Bristol Guide[/caption] I received a mail today from an on-line publisher of digital travel guides called Schmap that my photo of Bristol Cathedral was chosen to be included in the fifth edition of the Schmap Bristol Guide. I received an e-mail a while ago saying that the photo was short-listed for it and I didn’t think my photos were good enough for somebody to publish them in a guide.