Ooops, or how I ripped my container on a Cessna 206, part 1

My recent visit to the motherland gave me the opportunity for yet another skydiving session, I joined my instructor and mentor Aleš Debeljak from the Paranoia skydiving school. All went well and on the third jump of the second day just as I exited the Cessna 206 I apparently managed to hook my rig on the side of the door which resulted in a nasty tear in my container on the reserve parachute flap.

Skydive London for a day

Last weekend I did what I wanted to do for a long while - to actually skydive in the UK. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, lately mostly due to the weather we have been having. Last weekend the weather was OK, no flu lingering in the background and no lameness in any of the legs :-) The Skydive London dropzone is situated about 3 hours drive away from Haverfordwest , adjacent to the town of Swindon .
The skydiving grandma

The skydiving grandma

Age is just a number

Skydiving grandma This is not a news story about a lady who was given a gift voucher to do a tandem jump. No, no, this actualy my mother, who is, by the way, also a three-time grandmother, who bought herself a skydiving course here, in Slovenia, and actually finished it the next year when she passed the skydiving exam and became a proper licensed skydiver. This is no small matter even for the school itself, the school is called Paranoia and is part of the Šolt organization and is ran by Mr.