Day 14: The Descent (Day 7 of Kilimanjaro part)

Friday, October 4th

The descent from Kili was done very quickly. Not sure if the guides were worried I might not make it down but two of them grabbed me by my arms and almost carried me downhill. When we got back to the base camp at Kibo we were given about an hour to rest and have a warm meal. After that we had to pack all our stuff and head to Horombo. And I started to feel a bit iffy. Not sure if it was all the freezing water I drank and then topped with a warm meal but about an hour in I was feeling very nauseous. When I got back to Horombo I made my sleeping bad and just went to sleep, skipped tea and all.

The next day I woke up a new person, nausea gone and got my appetite back (partially). This was the longest part of the hike on the expedition. About 20 km if I remember correctly. Later that day we also found out the two guys who didn’t make it to the top were fine. Apparently there were doyens of people that needed evacuating of the mountain.

When we got back to the hotel we just couldn’t wait ti have a shower have a normal, non camping meal and a beer. Not sure if I remember in which order. Anyway, they were all very deserved.!