Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater / Mto Wa Mbu

Friday, 27 September

Just woke up going to the loo only to realise there is a large herd of zebras right besides the tents. I pitched up on the outside edge of the other tents so at one point they were only a metre or so away.

Today we changed vehicles and switched to 4x4 Toyota Land cruisers. We had 4 but one of them had a problem so their passengers had to get into the other three. We descended into what could only be described as a giant crater although it’s actually not a volcanic crater but a mountain that “blew up”.

Getting down to the bottom of the crater is a bit of an adventure. A narrow twisty gravel road. However you have a lovely experience once you get there as there is so much wildlife it’s almost unbelievable. We saw several lions up close, zebras, wilderbeasts …

After exiting the crater we headed to Mto Wa Mbu where we had a bit of a tour seeing what the local farmers do, saw a banana plantation, we had some fresh banana beer and banana wine.