Grand Canyon

And this was the penultimate final destination on my trip. Amaaaazing and truly awe inspiring. Those who have seen it probably know what I mean. Just the size of the whole landscape really gets you.

I was really on my way to Chicago but after sleeping on my thoughts when I was in St. George in Utah I decided to give it a go. I was going to go to the horseshoe but the local road was closed for roadworks. Plan B was to go to the northern rim and it was really really worth it.

Most of the photos are on my big camera and I truly hope the captured some of the awesomeness of the scenery.

Me in front of the Grand canyon

Had a good samaritan take my photo. Great chap.

Returned back to my route heading for Illinois. Had to tend to my bike’s mechanical needs. I apparently used it so much that I needed to re-fill the oil. Apparently it needs a special one and when I turned up at a petrol station in Kanab , Utah I got absolutely no help from the young and apparently not mechanically savvy staff. They could direct me to the part of the shop where they had engine oils and that was it. When I enquired about any motorcycle mechanics or shops they more or less just giggled. Even more astonishing when I tell you there was a mechanic shop about 100 metres down the road. Luckily they did carry it so my bike was happy again.

Another weird thing happened to me further down the road. I was at a remote part if the road going through a canyon. Now as a biker you do encounter a fair share of insects slamming into your helmet or windshield. But this time it was bigger. Much bigger. First time it happened it hit the windshield and made an almighty bang. But it happened again just a couple seconds later. And then again…. and again. At one point one ricochetted of my helmet and into my lap. It was a locust. I slowed down and had to duck low to avoid being hit in the face. This lasted for about half a kilometer. Then as quickly as it started … it finished. Didn’t happen since.