If Krim is covered with clouds in the evening then there will be bad weather tomorrow. If its not then the weather will be fair.

Well, that what we were told and that is the knowledge we stuck by.

Krim is a 1,107m tall mountain on the southern outskirts of the Ljubljana moors. In all the years I have lived in Slovenia I have never actually been up it. I have been close, but never actually climbed it. Mostly it was because the Yugoslav army and after 1991 the Slovenian arm held a radio-relay station on top of it and access to the area was restricted. From the mid seventies to 1991 the top of the mountain was completely off limits to civilians. When I went up there in August 2013 there was not visible military personnel and not restrictions at all. There a few communication antennae up there and some of them have the military ‘keep out’ signs. But what makes the walk up this mountain even more of an adventure is the frequency in which you are very likely to encounter Ursus arctos - also known as the brown bear.

The top of the mountain

The top of the mountain

The Krvavica partisan hospital – the kitchen