Climbing the eminence, and then some

My original plan for this days hike was Y-Garn but that soon changed once I reached the peak and gazed upon the inviting summits of Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach. As if that was not enough and after all the struggle of descending off Glyder Fach I made a silly move and ascended up Tryfan. Now for those who haven’t been up this mountain I must tell you it more resembles a high stack of very big rocks that in many cases precariously lean on each other.This kind of mountain probably never would exist in a country like Slovenia which is prone to earthquakes. Just as good as if there would have been an earthquake while I was up there I would soon find myself meta-morphed into a pâté pancake.

The previous day I climbed the “horseshoe” and the next day Snowdon via the Pyg trail.