The winter fear of December 18 & 19

After all the worries about traveling from Haverfordwest to Stansted the 5 1/2 hour trip went fine. Blue skies in most of the Wales part, the first snow on the M4 spotted about 6 miles west of the exit for Slough .

The roads are gritted and the only delay was on the M4 exit for the M25 . It looked like a Smart car caught fire. It was being extinguished on the side of the motorway just as I was passing by.

The worst bit is right here at the b&b near Great Dunmow - snow stuck to the road and very slippery.

More snow forecast for tomorrow so not sure if my flight for Stansted still on.

Update 19 December at 10:30

Freezing cold in Great Dunmow -6C, clear blue skies and no fresh snow - at least not here. There is a fresh snowstorm in Ljubljana so anything is possible (delay, cancellation, reroute …). What a coincidence, was having breakfast at the b&b this morning with a lovely couple from Preston and were actually on the same flight as I. What now, is everyone going to Slovenia (or should I sat maybe NOT going if the weather has its way).

Update 19 December at 11:50

OK, we are now designated as late. Estimated departure time 13:00

Update 20 December in the morning

OK, after all the snow tears and swear words I’m finally in Ljubljana. Sorry I missed the skydiving film festival though. Off to clear the white stuff from the all so long drive soon.