Robin Hood filmset all ready at Freshwater West

Filming of Robin Hood

Had the opportunity to have a walk from Angle to the Freshwater West beach and it looks the production team has a lot of logistics to deal with. They seem to have chosen two locations to pitch-up marquees, one is just of the turn from the road to Angle on B4320 and B4319. The second, you could say the main, location is right next to the beach at the southern carpark.

The first one looks like its going to house animals, I presume horses. Actually I am surprised there is nobody already writing about this who is already involved with the production. Perhaps they have a confidentiality clause ;-) Well I don’t :-))

Just a warning to anyone who would want to have a look at the filming location . The B4319 road will be closed next week from June 15th to June 30th.

Second location at the south Freshwater West carpark

Second location at the south Freshwater West carpark