Ryanair redeemed by giving refund

Just as I thought I was loosing yet another battle with a faceless corporation filled with robot drones I received some good news the other week. The dispute I had with Ryanair about a problem with purchasing tickets from their website.Their website crashed and I was left unsure whether I actually purchased the ticket as I could not confirm the reservation through the Ryanair website using my payment details. After trying contacting Ryanair through various e-mails that apparently don’t work I tried writing to Ryanair’s corporate head office in Dublin, Ireland.

Is the Ryanair website really so bad

According to my experience, yes. I tell all Ryanair visitors in advance that this here is my personal opinion and will not allow the publication of rude comments from anyone. I had the misfortune of booking my flight today only to be confronted with an error just at the point you would least like it - after purchase. A while ago I found a blog post about a session problem with the Ryanair website here.