Day 15: Going Home (Day 8 of Kilimanjaro part)

Saturday, October 5th

Didn’t have much time to savour the moment. In the evening we had our certificates and our beers and warm meals and a shower. Up at stupid o’clock to get to the Kilimanjaro Int’l airport that was about 1.5-2 hours away.

When we got there and when I tried to get into the airport the security guard started to say that my passport was fake. FAKE!! It must have been a bit of travel drowsiness and it being very very early in the morning but I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on. After insisting a couple of times that my passport was forged he admitted he was just joking. ##%[email protected]

After arriving back at Heathrow and drove back, stopped at Papa Johns for some pizza therapy.

Oh yeah, and the washing load was epic. The washing machine is still banging on about it to this very day.

Photo: Ness Orr Photo: Ness Orr

Photo: Ness Orr Photo: Ness Orr